Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hold On to Your Love

Ok for a lot of us our relationships seem to grow stale over time. Too many let this be the reason to go out and cheat or to get a divorce. My opinion is to go back to when you first started dating. What first attracted you to your mate? What did he or she do that got you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside? (I know you men may not admit to feeling warm and fuzzy but you get the point)

Well the problem seems to be that we get so bogged down by the day to day hustle and bustle that we forget to take time out for one another. That helps to cause the feelings of being unappreciated and unwanted. We have to remember there were special things we did in the beginning to let our partner know we wanted them and now is not the time to let those things fall to the waist side.

Walks in the park, candle lit dinner at home (gas is too high these days :) ) rub his/her feet, run some bath water or take a shower together, write little love notes, just any little thing to let them know they are loved and appreciated. Have the house clean, if it's hasn't been lately. Just whatever it takes to rock your partners boat and the key is not to stay in YOUR comfort zone. You have to step outside yourself, outside your norm so that they know: "BABY I LOVE AND APPRECIATE YOU". Keep the sparks doesn't have to be every night but at the least once a month people. This is your life we're talking about!

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Anonymous said...

I have an opinion about this! People need to seriously take time to discuss the future in the beginning of a relationship realistically. That "In Love" feeling can cloud your thinking with wrong expectations and a false sense of reality!! Life is hard! "Can two walk together except they be agreed?" You and your significant other must come to an agreement about how you are going to spend time together, for whatever length of time you determine! Look at your life together for what it IS and NOT for what you think it should be. A simple understanding of the fact that 5-15yrs from now, you both will and should be different people than you were in the beginning!!! Times change, and people change too. You should be more mature, some things you used to like you might not like anymore. Medically, some people develop a intolerances to certain foods so, going out for ice cream is cool when you are 25.
But when you're 40, and your body starts rejecting dairy products going to Dairy Queen might not sound as romantic as it used to! One could get offended if you refused or offered? "You should've known! or I didn't know"... So accepting changes in life, adjusting and learning to find new ways to love each other will avoid the staleness that so many suffer from in long term relationships. Does this make any sense?