Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Wealth of Information

I was speaking with a family member the other day and she informed me that my 13 year old son had informed her 10 year old son that a woman has her cycle every 28-29 days. WOW!!! I had no idea that he had this information in his head or even sharing it with other children. He and I talk about every and anything under the son that his little head can come up with because I feel that if he can ask the question then there must be some things he needs to know. Please understand I keep answers to a minimum because I have learned you answer their questions but don't give more detail than they ask or may be ready for.

Well due to this I have informed my child that he shouldn't discuss the things we talk about with all children because some parents just aren't ready to have certain discussions with their children. Just as she brought it up to me she also stated for him not to share that information with her son because they don't talk about that yet.

I did find out that my son was talking with some of his older relatives and the 10 year old just happen to be near enough to hear the conversation. I find it all very interesting because it goes to show how our kids pick things up from everywhere. If it's not other family members and friends it's the kids at school or the television. We have to be prepared to make sure we give them the correct information and help them research what we don't know. Knowledge is power!!

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Henry Cate said...

My wife and I worried a bit over having "The Talk" with our daughters. Our oldest was something like five or six when she had a question about sex. My wife got out a book with some pictures and briefly talked about how sex is part of life and it is something that God wants use to have in the bounds of marriage.

A couple days later our oldest got out the same book and gave the talk to our next oldest. :-)

We told her that there were some topics she should let her parents deal with.