Monday, October 27, 2008

Your Faith's on Trial...

You know how we get into our own pity parties about the situations in our lives that we don't like. We ask questions such as "why me?" or "I don't deserve this", you know just falling out like a big baby!!! Well take the time to read about Job, in the book of Job. This man was an up standing, true follower of God. Everyone around him knew how dedicated he was to God. Yet, he found himself one day losing all of his children, cattle (wealth), failed health, then even his wife told him to curse God and die. His friends were talking about him saying that he must have done something wrong for these things to come upon him. But he was a righteous man. God knows how much we can bear. He looked Job over before he even considered this storm to be brought into his life. God actually had a conversation with satan about Job. Satan told God that the only reason Job loves and serves him so much is because God's hand was on his life, he asked God to allow him to do these things and in his mind he thought Job would decide not to serve God anymore. So God, knowing fully that Job would never do so told satan to go ahead...."do as you please, but don't touch his soul". Even after his children died, and he lost his wealth, his friends forsook him and then even his wife didn't understand and turned her back on him, Job never gave up on God. God seeing that Job loved him still gave him back everything he lost plus more!!!

We cry over losing our job's. Our cars braking down, when there's another one parked in the garage. We cry because we had to eat the same meal for two days in a row. Try facing those same trials that Job faced all at once and then maybe we can complain. Even then Job did not complain!! WOW now thats true faith in God!!

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