Thursday, March 19, 2009

When God Says, "No"

Written By Cindy Beall
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Because He does, you know.

Garth Brooks sings a song called Unanswered Prayers. Even though I know every word to this song, I have always been bothered by the title. And, if can be honest, I'm also bothered when people say "God didn't answer my prayer."


Just because we don't get the answer we want doesn't mean He hasn't answered. Why do we think that answers always have to be in the affirmative? And better yet, what if His answer is "to wait?"

There was a particular guy I dated in college before my husband entered my world. He was a decent guy but definitely had his flaws. I prayed that he'd be my husband one day. And when he broke my heart, I was sad that God didn't answer my prayer.

Later I realized that God had indeed answered it.
He just simply said no.

I can't imagine going through life on this earth with anyone other than my husband.
I'm thankful for NOs. It means that God has something better for me.

God gives His best to those who leave the choice to Him.

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