Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Will you be able to stand?

We hear about the great stories and prophesies of the Bible and the end time and how hard things will become. Well, I believe in my heart that those things are indeed true and already happening. The question is ...how do you plan to manage when things become so hard and difficult? Will you continue to believe as you have been? God is trying to move us into a position where no matter what comes our way we'll trust in Him and His word. We cannot continue living life from day to day, but instead live from glory to glory, forever seeking after God's face. I truly believe that there would be no suicide if more people knew how much GOD loves them and only wants the best for their lives. He is everything we could ever need. It is HE who creates the storms and the winds to push us into His arms to strengthen our faith muscles for what is to come. We are to be rooted and grounded so much in him and his word that what would normally wash the average man away, would be to no affect on us. We would be like a tree planted by the waters, unmovable.........

Check out your faith and dedication level in God from when you first believed. Compare it to where you are now. Has it increased? Decreased? Or is it the same o' same "come-on I know God exists" and that's it, faith? Its time to step out of selfish pride and fight for what you believe in! Get on your knees and draw nearer to Jesus, not only for you, but for those you love! Whether it be your parents, brothers and sisters, spouse, children, or friends. The end time is near. Will you be able to stand?

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dale said...

Often the thing is, we grow closer to God in those hard times.


We often see that our faith has grown because of those hard times. Others should see it too. And, yes we do need that concern for our loved ones to know Jesus