Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Special Message to Women Everywhere

Please take time to learn who you are. Know that you are worthy of greatness. You do not need validation from anyone, for those who judge you know not the content of your heart. They do not know the unpaved roads you’ve traveled. In the still of the night and sometimes in broad daylight, while no one was listening to your cries, you found the strength within and the faith to sustain the challenges you, yes, you have overcome.

No matter what your journey, you have so many reason s to be proud of yourself. Go on and smile. You know it’s true. Respect yourself. Love yourself. Your true value derives not from your bank account, your house, your car, or the clothes you wear. Your self-worth is predicated on how well you know yourself, how well you treat yourself, how much you love and value yourself.

Hear me when I say “No one will ever treat you worse than you treat yourself,” and no one should treat you better. When times get hard, we all experience hard times, and there seems to be no way out…keep breathing. Live another second, hold on another minute, hang in there another hour, and with each passing moment, know your Internal Beauty is the pure essence of the Greatest Love, because without you; without your womanly nurturing, your motherly instincts, your ability to breathe life into every living human being; Without Women, Men would cease to exist.

Don’t let men brainwash you into believing they hold the power in a relationship. They don’t. Giving birth is the highest power of procreation. Men can’t do that. So, ladies, don’t have babies for men who aren’t worthy of your Power.

Taken from Mary B Morrison's book "Who’s Loving You"

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