Friday, March 5, 2010

Breaking the Code of Silence

The Top 10 Things That Every Woman Should know about Men

# 3) Men Need You More Than They Say - Since the beginning of time man has needed a woman to make things better, right, and peaceful in his life. Adam had everything imaginable upon his creation, but still was incomplete without the woman of Eve to make him whole. Women are multipliers in the sense that whatever a man sows, because of that woman, what he reaps will be multiplied in its final stage. A man sows seeds, and then a woman gives him children. A man may buy groceries, and then a woman will give him a meal. A man may purchase a house, and then a woman will make it a home. Anything that a good woman touches will be multiplied for her man. And men may never voice their need for you, but trust me when I tell you that the need is there and it is strong. The strength of a woman and her support is all a real man needs in order to be all that he is destined to be. Real women make real men better men, and that is why real women are needed most.

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