Monday, March 8, 2010

Breaking the Code of Silence

The Top 10 Things That Every Woman Should know about Men

 # 7.) Men Thrive Off of Reaction - Have you ever noticed how a man becomes following a reaction that was totally not expected by him? A man may give you a gift of some sorts and all while that man is purchasing the gift, having the gift wrapped, and thinking of the perfect time to present to you this wonderful gift, this man’s mind is totally focused upon how you will react to what it is that he is doing. It may have nothing to do with a gift. It may be him taking out the trash without you having to remind him, or doing the laundry without you having to ask him, or cooking dinner without you knowing. Whatever the reason may be, this man is expecting you to react the same way you are reacting in his mind. Now when you don’t react the same exact way or remotely close to the way he thinks you should be reacting, then that man will have a problem with that. Of course this is a most juvenile way of response, but unfortunately that’s how men are. When we say “Look honey I cooked dinner for you” or “This is for you, just because I love you” and your reaction is a simple “Thank you” or “Awww thanks baby, I love you to” without the back flips we think you should be turning because of what we just did, we indeed have a problem with that. If you give us an awesome reaction, no matter what the deed may be, you will see how that motivates us to do more. This should not be a requirement, and it’s rather funny when you think about it, but that’s how men are. Our future actions are motivated and determined by your present response, or lack thereof.

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