Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What makes him/her off limits to you???

When I was young all he had to have was a job. As I got older he needed a job and a car. Then as an adult he had to have the 3 C's, Career, Car and a Crib. Without those things i wouldn't give him the time of day. Then there was a time if he had a girlfriend he was off limits but something changed and I didn't car because I figured if she was taking care of him then he wouldn't want me. Husbands were always off limits until, I have to admit, I got caught up and he charmed the pants off me. I was in need of a few things, emotionally and physically and he was too and he made me feel bad for him like his wife just wasn't doing the things he needed and I picked up the pieces. WRONG!!! I won't fall for that one again. He was lying!!! So I will not mess with a married man again I am proud and happy to say. I fell but I got back up in my lack of judgment. I will not date a man on drugs! I have more but as I've posed the question....What makes a man/woman off limits to you?


Anonymous said...

First and for most, if he is NOT mine,meaning if he bleongs to another woman.
Second, if he does not know and love God.
Third, if he still lives with his parents. Uh no!

Anonymous said...

By experience, what makes a woman off limits to me: on psych meds, NOT being a Bible practicing Christian, uncultured, emotionally tied to another in any way at all,
4th baby daddy in prison and bout to get out but he's only staying here til he gets his own place, chronically heartbroken, ha, ha, ha!!! Obviously incompatible women are off limits totally. Why play games? Have and keep standards.