Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why Do Married People Cheat??

What are some of the reasons married people cheat?

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Anonymous said...

In my experiences and observations in life, I conclude that there are several reasons/excuses why married people cheat. One big "why" is comprehension lack of understanding about what exactly getting married means. Some speak of a practice of "sowing your oats" before you get married. Idea is to get all the running around out of your system before you get married. However, I don't see it as you getting nothing out of your system as opposed to getting some mess IN your system. I once told an old guy friend of mine, "if you are practicing being a whore today, you are not preparing yourself to be a husband in the future". Meaning, you are only going to do what you know to do. So learn what it means to be a husband/wife BEFORE you get married. Have your mind made up and be determined to win!!!