Thursday, August 14, 2008


From the time we give birth to our precious little babies until the time they move out of our houses at what point do we cut the cord and let them make their own mistakes without feeling they wronged us with their decision? We do our best to raise our children with good morals and values but as soon as they make a wrong decision we personalize it. Parents, especially mothers, I know we love our children to death and only want the best for them and want them to not have to go through trials we've warned them about but come on....Life is going to happen and at some point they have to walk on their own and we are no longer the director of their lives but we are simply the net in their show. We don't tell them what to do anymore once they've reached somewhere around age 16+. At that point we give advice and hope they draw on what we've taught them and make the right decision and if not we should be there to support them and help them get back on track. Not all of us learn from what we are told or see happen to others. Some have to go out and try it for themselves because they think they can defy the odds. We sometimes wish we could keep them as our little precious babies and cuddle them forever and keep them from harm but that's not life. As the bible tells us if you raise your child up in the way they should go, if they stray they will return. Have faith!

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