Thursday, November 13, 2008

This was taken from some Bible Study notes from "1992". What you are about to read is from a study on singleness, being single, and what it means. It's not complete, but it's pieced together as best possible. Enjoy:

*It is OK, to be single, but not alone. People don't have a singleness problem; the problem is being alone. Genesis 2:18

  • Single - to be separate, whole, and unique. (the definition has been altered by the world's order. (Satan) see II Corinthians 4:4
  • Singleness has been confused with being alone!
  • The Bible doesn't teach singleness is bad or negative.
  • Marriage shouldn't be considered until one is "separate, whole, and unique" totally single.
  • 99% of marital problems arise because a spouse doesn't realize how unique he/she is.
  • God meant for Adam to "not" be alone, but single. (separate, whole, unique) Gen 2:18
  • Marriage was not instituted to solve the problem of being alone. Marriage will not solve loneliness!
  • Alone - exclusive, isolated, in a solitary state. "The sick marrying the sick is the worst thing that can happen".
  • The goal of a Christian is to become completely "single"! (separate, whole, & unique) Therefore, strive to be SINGLE. Marriage will bring this into perspective. (Adam didn't have time to look for a wife/companion! He was busy!) Marriage is honorable in itself. It's what comes into marriage that causes trouble!!!
  • No human can meet soul or egotistical needs!!
  • No human can meet "Spiritual Needs"! -- knowing who you are is the 1st step.
  • Most people DO NOT PREPARE to get married!! They just do it!!
  • Marriage is the 2nd level of GOD's building of you. Singleness is the first level.
  • Marriage is necessary to fulfill some of God's purposes, not necessarily for what the world OR the church has said it's necessity is!!!
  • If you choose an unmarried life out of religious pressure, false spirituality, or past hurts IT IS WRONG!!!
  • Romance - According to the world, "I don't know what I will do without you?" (ex.) This is NOT Love!! This is addiction!!!!!
  • Love is NOT a feeling: It is a DECISION! Matt. 26:39 (Jesus Chose to...)
  • The society of the world says that if you are single, you aren't normal!
  • Pressure to marry is in all sorts of areas in life. Society looks at someone over 25 who is not married as being Odd.
  • Individuality is important to God!
  • Christians want God's product of marriage, but not God's ingredients! (LOVE)
  • That ingredient is not available without Jesus Christ!

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