Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Protecting Your Marriage

This information comes from marriage site. Posted by Dale Harcombe.

Most people don't think twice about insuring their home or car or things that are valuable. They don't think twice about installing security measures like screens and alarms. But what about protecting your marriage? What can you and I do to protect our marriages? Here are some suggestions. And no, these aren't all mine. Many came from members.

Respect and being careful about the way we talk to our spouse. It was interesting to see how many of you mentioned this as essential.

No marriage is great absolutely great all the time. Your spouse isn't perfect and neither are you. Neither am I. We all mess up at times. That's where forgiveness comes in. Being able to forgive and then forget and not keep dragging it back up next time things don't go as you would like.

Date nights and couple time are essential. We need time away from family just enjoying each other's company. You need to enjoy spending time together and being in each other's company. Shared laughter and fun times are great for a marriage.

Don't forget the three Cs. Commitment, compromise and communication. Talk about the problem areas and things that upset you rather than let it build up.

Don't go to bed angry

Faith in God and praying for each other was one QueenAngie added, and I agree. But praying with each other is a great blessing.

Remember all marriages have us and downs, good times and bad. If it's a rough patch, remember the good times and be patient with our marriage and our spouse as well as with ourselves.

Trust. Marriages need to be built on trust.

The two As Acceptance and Appreciation. Accept them as they are without trying to change them. Show your appreciation of your spouse for the big and little things they do each day

Don't get complacent or as one member put it in 'cruise control.' That means working at your marriage. Being the best husband or wife you can be and helping your spouse be the best they can be.

Show your love in words and deeds.

Good sex sure doesn't hurt either, but on it's own it's not enough to maintain and protect a marriage. A marriage also needs the things listed above,

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