Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Testimony Challenge

Because of the last post it just came to me to ask, "Will you share your testimony?"
I challenge all of you reading this to share your testimony, the trials you've made it through and the blessings you've received so that it can be a light to others and help guide them or just share how God has touched your life so that all can see His greatness and that in itself can be a blessing to someone else.

Just click comment and share your experience.

Thank you and continue being blessed!


Anonymous said...

I’ve been on this “search and strive” for peace thing for a little while now. Well I woke up early this morning, well my body didn’t want to get up but I’m glad I did. On the way to work i felt my self starting to get angry again about some things that were said that weren’t true, specifically by a girl I was only associated with through a mutual acquaintance. You know how it can be difficult to hear something said about you, especially if you know that the person(s) saying it have no right to point fingers? You’re know that what was said was a lie and even if it was true….it only makes you feel worse because there is no way that you can defend yourself or your reputation. Well while I began to go through my usual pity/angry party something (Holy Spirit) deep inside told me to just began to pray for her. Now for a split second I was hesitant because I was still very angry at her…but I went a head and put my feelings aside, even though I felt I had a right to be angry, and I began to pray for her. I lie to you not, the next thing I know, those feelings of anger were gone and I began to ask God to bless her and to forgive her and to have mercy on her for the things that I knew about her
(in case you didn’t catch that, I didn’t return the favor by spreading what I knew about her). While I was praying for her I began praying for other people that I have also held grudges against. I believe that was God’s way of showing me how to over come things that I am SPIRITUALLY WILLING to over come, but MY FLESH chooses to hang on. I was just praying the other day and this morning telling GOD that I really want to forgive and get over things but I still feel the hurt and I still somehow hold things against the people who hurt me. But I don’t want to feel this way anymore, I don’t want to feel hate anymore I want to live in peace with everyone, I want to be free but I need your help. And that was HIS answer: to pray for them every time I am reminded of the hurt and every time I feel angry again, because it’s impossible to curse and bless someone at the same time. You may want to give it a try some time. It may be difficult at first but if you press through and do it anyway, I promise you, you’ll be glad that you did.

Anonymous said...

Molested, physically abused, survived 2 suicide attempts and I'm here today saved and living a good life. God can save your life and help bury your hurtful past so that you may move forward. Bet all your chips on God and he will show out every time! ;-)