Thursday, August 6, 2009

Make Your Own Way

Others can point the way, but you must make the journey. Others can give you their assistance and advice, but you must choose the direction of your life.

If you set out to live someone else's dream, you'll end up frustrated and
disappointed. For you have your own special purpose, a purpose that would be deeply painful to deny. That purpose is eager to face the greatest challenges and to grow intensely more meaningful in the process.

Your purpose has a whole wonderful set of
achievements that will bring great fulfillment to your life. No one, no matter how generous or well-intentioned, can give you everything you seek. For much of what you seek is to make your own way in life.

No pleasure can compare to the pleasures you earn through your own efforts.
No reward can equal the reward of creating your own achievements.

Make the commitment, make the effort, and make your own beautiful way in

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